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What We Do

Marketing Strategy

Are you searching high and low for customers? Is your offering hitting the mark with customers? What is your Marketing Strategy? What are your aspirations for sales? How are you going to generate the number of enquiries you need to meet your sales targets? With a Marketing Strategy that covers all areas, this is key to meeting your business needs and ensure profitability.

A tailored Marketing Strategy for your business will give it the boost it needs. Modern times dictate that your Marketing Strategy needs to encompass more than just traditional advertising. Knowledge, driven by understanding customers, is the key to effective Marketing. Will potential customers react to what you have to offer and hit the mark that makes them tick? Understanding your current and potential customer base will eliminate wasting money on ineffective advertising and pay higher dividends.

There are so many routes to market. Some you will know about, some you will not and some you can do with a little help. So to get your Marketing Strategy right and contact us [email protected]

Sales Strategy


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The most successful businesses operate a process to ensure every lead and every opportunity is taken. Every business needs a strategy and a process and our experts are on hand to develop a tailored approach to maximise the links between marketing, sales and customer retention.
To find out more [email protected].


Relationships are everything. Managing these relationships effectively over a long period will produce sales.
Irrespective of the goods or service you offer, keeping in touch with your customers on a timely basis with the right message pays dividends in abundance. That person who you thought would never buy from you will call and buy, even a couple of years after you first made contact. You will see people on a daily basis and you need their details to sell to them repeatedly.

Don't leave it to chance that you will see and have contact with them again.
To find out more [email protected].


Your message needs to hit the right note. Therefore, your goods and services need to be promoted to the type of prospects who are likely to respond. Effectively finding the right people to respond to your message will mean that any advertising spend will go a lot further and produce better results. Even if a sale does not result right there and then, this spend handled correctly can produce a sale at a later.

Effective targeting will ensure that your marketing efforts are not wasted. By working towards identifying the people who are most likely to purchase your products or services, this will ensure success as it becomes a much more focussed activity.

Link your targeting with your sales and marketing strategy. The right message to the right people at the right time and place will maximise the performance of your business and assist in ensuring sales growth.
Failure to target correctly will have a serious negative impact on your business so to ensure you get your targeting right e-mail [email protected] today.


Perception is everything. The minor details make a huge difference on how current and prospective customers perceive your business. Getting to the right person at the right place is essential without diluting the message before they have even digested it.
How many times have you received the same piece of information from the same company on the same day? How often do you get phone calls from the same business in a short time span? There is a simple reason for this. The database is not up to date and some simple housekeeping routines have not been undertaken. The cost can be phenomenal, adds thousands of pounds to wasted marketing spend and damages a customer’s perception of your business.

These routines are essential no matter how large or small your database is. There is nothing more distressing than contacting relatives of deceased people, yet this is an all too common and avoidable occurrence. Through no fault of your own, you have alienated someone and bad news travels fast!
With increasing regulation, conforming to legislation and the recorded preferences of people is essential. If you are not getting it right then e-mail [email protected] to fix this without delay.

Print Management

With many years of experience in every type of print management project we provide an easy and hassle free solution to your print requirements. We can offer a competitive, deadline-beating service in all types of print, finishing and project completion including:
Litho Printing, Digital Print, Screen Print, Folding, Fulfilment & Distribution Providing a best quality price fit between your needs and our proven network of print industry partners. Whatever your requirements; corporate stationery, advertising literature, brochures or large format graphics, Red Route Marketing offers the same excellent service that guarantees you have your job on time and at the price quoted.

What is Print Management?
Print Management is the best way of sourcing your company's entire print requirement, or finding a solution to meet a tight deadline. Our clients range from sole traders to large organisations as any entity can reap the benefits of our expertise and knowledge of the print industry. Everyone quite rightly expects good quality and competitive pricing and many printers offer just that, but are let down by the service they offer. Red Route Marketing EXCELS in service.
Time Saving
Many of our clients find that as well as being competitive, the major benefit of using Red Route Marketing is the time saving aspect. When you employ our services, you access a wide range of print products to ensure you achieve that tight deadline.To find out more [email protected]

Data Sevices

We are able to offer a full range of data services.
This includes fulfilment cleansing meaning your database will be of the highest quality and will reduce wastage costs.
The value of a quality direct mail, email or call list directly impacts upon sales rates and marketing costs. By utilising our services we can ensure that your communications in whatever format has the best chance possible to reach its intended recipient.
We can also provide targeted business and consumer marketing lists using the very latest data sorting and targeting techniques. This is the quickest way to get your marketing to potential new customers to generate fresh leads and enquiries.
To find out more [email protected].

Web & Digital

With so many online options, selecting the right ones for your business is essential. Many businesses use different companies for different online promotion activities. This leads to a digital presence which is commonly disjointed and doesn’t generate enquiries into the business due to inconsistencies in the presence.
From websites through to selecting the right online presence we are able to maximise opportunities and devise a multi-channel strategy that works without the need for a never ending budget. Our team of experts have years of experience and are also kept abreast of the latest digital trends.
To find out more [email protected]

Meet our team

Stephen Upton

Mail: [email protected]
Tel: 01253 670212


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Data Analyst


Thomas Abram

Thomas Abram Solutions

Whilst we are a growing business, the advice and services offered by Red Route Marketing is invaluable. The assistance in all areas of sales, marketing and CRM has enabled us to capture, develop, nurture and convert opportunities into long term business. They really are first class at what they do.

Karl Jenkins

KWJ Creative

While most agencies cave in to pressure to use short term tactics for quick-but-short-term results, Red Route Marketing understands the importance of long term, principle-based strategies to build a solid and secure foundation for growth. They’d much rather be honest with clients to get the best results which I truly value.

Lucy Gordon

Marketing Manager, Gordons Honda

Working with Stephen Upton Consulting has been a breath of fresh air. Innovative ideas and good experience, alongside quick delivery on all marketing materials is what we needed and exactly what they have delivered. Regular communication, updates and meetings have allowed the business to forward plan. We would highly recommend them.

Rob Waltham

Independent Consultant

We usually need items quickly and Red Route Marketing is always able to deliver, even to the tightest of deadlines. I have been let down in the past but have never been let down by Red Route Marketing. They go the extra mile to ensure the job gets done and the prices they charge are the most competitive I can find.

Contact Us

We always look forward to meeting new awesome people and discuss brilliant project ideas. Give us a call so we can exchange ideas.

104 Kew Road, Birkdale, Southport, PR8 4HW
Tel: 01704 551751

[email protected]

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